Got some new cycling gear

Got some new cycling gear

I\'ve been shopping! I\'ve recently bought myself a new pair of pair of bib tights (for the full Dave Lee Roth effect) and a new jersey. More specifically I\'ve bought DHB Vaeon Roubaix padded tights and a DHB Windslam jersey.

DHB is the house brand of online cycle megastore Wiggle. Wiggle are based in Portsmouth, which is where I studied, lived for 10 years, met my wife and where both my children were born. As a result, I probably have a slightly bias opinion of them - I could justifiably call them my LBS after all. I will try and put any bias aside however and just give an honest opinion here though.

DHB may be a house brand, but that does not mean Wiggle are just chosing from the menu of some anonymous Chinese factory. I know for fact that they have passionate cyclist designers working hard to make there gear the best they can. I know this because I was introduced to them by other parents at my sons\' school who work at Wiggle (my old LBS remember). They put a lot of effort into there clothing and it shows.

Both are what Wiggle call \"Performance Fit\". This means that it is tailored tight, but not quite to the point of the stuff they make for their pro riders. Whatever, I can tell you that there is not a single bit of fabric flapping around which is great - aero is everything after all. In both cases I took a small (I am 5\'5 and weigh 61kg for reference) and the fit is perfect).

The tights are Lombardia lycra which is quality stuff, usually seen on garments costing 2 or 3 times the price. They look great - all black with just the right amount of highlighting and reflective material to make me visible in the dark. The fit is (for me) absolutely spot on, although your mileage may vary here. If you have exactly the same shaped bottom as I do the chamois is perfect. I have tree trunk thighs for my size and often find the edge of the chamois rubs on my inner thighs, this one does not. As the name suggests they have a roubaix fabric lining. Wiggle say they are good for 8-15deg Celcius, but I strongly disagree. So far I have worn them in conditions ranging from 3-12 degrees for both gentle and full gas rides. At 3 deg Celcius I was more than warm enough, even riding gently. For me these will easily be wearable below freezing. At 15 deg Celcius, to be honest, anyone not wearing shorts is just weak.

The jersey is equally good. Again the fit is perfect for me. Initially I thought that the sleeves were a little long, but in fact once on the bike they are about right. It has full length zip which seems sturdy enough. On the back there are 3 pockets, plus an extra small pocket with a zip. My phone (Moto G) fits in there in its wallet nicely along with my badge for work. Here is one area I will critise this jersey - if anything the pockets are little too deep. Getting an energy bar, or my keys, out of them is a little awkward when walking. It is better on the bike, but I would still take an inch off them perhaps. The front panel of the jersey is what gives it its Windslam name as it has a wind resistant layer which seems to work nicely. Around 10 deg Celcius I have been wearing it on its own over the bibs, below about 7 deg Celcius I put a MTB jersey underneath and I am comfortable. One final thing, and this is my only real critism, is that it is sold as blue. I would say it is more a turquoise - my bike is properly blue, so it does not match as well as I had hoped.

As DHB is a house brand, it is amazing value too. The RRPs are €67.79 and €49.99 for the tights and jersey respectively. In terms of fit and quality, they compare favourably with the likes of Castelli and Rapha which cost considerably more. Now add in the fact the Wiggle often sells them 50% off and the value for money is quite simply off the charts.

So, the important stuff. Does it make me faster? Incredibly I would say actually yes. I feel better on the bike, I can move around easily and with no fabric flapping around I am more aero, at least on paper. I think I am seeing this in my speed too. According to Strava I am actually 2-3km/h faster since I got these, which equates to nearly 10 minutes on my commute home! That is not something to be sniffed at.

Finally, the service was amazing! I ordered on Black Friday and it arrived at the relay point for me to collect (in France) the Tuesday afternoon (with free delivery).

Am I happy with my purchase? Damn right!

Disclaimer: I paid for these out of my own pocket and Wiggle have never even offered me anything - despite the fact I am fast turning into self-powered advert for them and sing their praises to anyone that listens.