Got a New Saddle

Got a New Saddle

I recently got myself a new saddle. The one that came with my Felt F95 was starting to rattle on its rails which was driving me, and my riding buddies, insane. We are all engineers, so OCD is a shared problem we have.

Anyway, while scanning through my favourite non-local bike shop I came across the Selle Italia Q-Bik Flow, for only €15. Buying something as personal as a saddle online is always a risk, but I figured that at the price it was not that much of a risk. I promptly bought it (along with some new brakes and handlebar tape - reviews to come), it arrived on Tuesday and I put it all on that evening.

First, it looks great! I got it in white and it certainly does not look like a €15 saddle. I did not weigh it, but it feels light too, so I can believe Selle Italia's 280g claim.

In the last 2 days I have racked up about 100km on it:

Plus perhaps ~20km that I did not record.

I have the impression it sits slightly high on its rails compared to my old saddle. Certainly I have had to nudge my seat post down a few millimetres. That may also be because the old saddle has sunk however.

Over all though, it is incredibly comfortable. Firm yes, as any road bike saddle is, but by no means painful. After each longer ride, I had no numb nuts and could quite happily of carried on. This morning I did end up riding over a road that was being prepared for resurfacing - that hurt a bit, but that is not really fault of the saddle.

I am really happy with it. While there are plenty of lighter saddles around, they are considerably more expensive. For the price there is nothing I can complain about that would not be totally unreasonable.