Bootstrapping a Puppet master

Installing a Puppetmaster is a bit of a chicken-egg problem. We want to have our environment as automated and slick as possible, but we currently have no tools installed to to so.

So what do we actually need to install and configure for our Puppet master:

This is the minimum, from this it can go ahead and dogfood itself in my prefered fashion.

I do this with a bit of bash that I threw together during a meeting. I use only bash as that is the only thing I can be guaranteed to have on a clean install.

If you trust me then simply run:

curl | sudo -E sh

If not, or of you want to control it a bit more, then clone it. If you modify it I\'ll happily accept pull requests.

git clone
cd puppetmaster-bootstrap

There are a few environment variables you can use to control it:

I have tried to use sensible defaults, at least for my purposes.